Your Blog is about achieving specific goals. A Business Blog should focus on your business’s goals. So don’t waffle on about your dog, your date or your dinner (unless these are relevant of course).

Your readers are there to interact with you as a representative of your company. You are Blogging to encourage this interaction with your company and to build lasting relationships with clients.

Before you begin to Blog (or if you already are and are not keeping focussed), set yourself specific goals that you want your Blog to achieve and work to fulfill them.

Some useful examples of Business Blogging goals are:

  • To engage customers – grab and hold their interest in your company
  • To build trust between customers and your company
  • To test new ideas
  • To keep your finger on the pulse of your customers
  • To get honest feedback (and use it to improve!)
  • To have a chance to respond to anything being said about your company online
  • To provide useful information, such as how-to guides

Preferably, all of these goals would be fulfilled in one Blog, and any more that are relevant to your company. Just make sure you keep your Blog focussed on achieving what you set out to achieve.