As a premier marketing agency, 28k continuously seeks out dynamic, innovative strategies to enhance our clients’ digital presence. One of our recent success stories is the complete SEO overhaul we performed for Fleet Core, a leading company in fuel management solutions. Their website, Fleet Core, has seen unprecedented growth in traffic, inquiries, and sales, testament to our data-driven approach and robust content strategy.

SEO Audit and Strategy Formulation

Our journey with Fleet Core began with an extensive SEO audit to pinpoint areas needing improvement. Using cutting-edge tools and analytics, we unearthed valuable insights about their website structure, content, and keyword utilization. These findings paved the way for a strategic SEO roadmap tailored to their business objectives.

Content Development and Service Integration

An integral part of our SEO strategy involved an overhaul of Fleet Core’s existing content and the addition of new, optimized pieces. We created several blog posts that not only provided valuable insights into fleet management but also highlighted their key services such as fuel delivery, fuel polishing, fuel tank maintenance and testing.

Each piece of content was meticulously optimized with key SEO strategies in mind, ensuring increased visibility and traffic to these critical service pages. By embedding these links within the content, we managed to guide visitors to these services, improving the likelihood of conversion.

Website Usability Enhancements

The 28k team also worked on enhancing the usability of Fleet Core’s website. Every aspect of the website was polished to enhance user interaction and engagement. We focused on creating a seamless and intuitive user experience, as it plays a significant role in search engine rankings.

Results and Impact

The results of our six-month SEO campaign for Fleet Core have been highly rewarding. Their website has seen a substantial increase in organic traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SEO strategies. More importantly, this traffic surge has translated into a remarkable uptick in inquiries and sales, underscoring the role of strategic content and service integration in driving potential customers.


The Fleet Core case study is a testament to the transformative power of effective SEO and content marketing. By leveraging strategic, data-driven SEO practices, 28k has helped Fleet Core strengthen its digital presence and business performance.

But our job doesn’t end here. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, we’re committed to refining and enhancing our strategies, ensuring Fleet Core remains at the forefront of their industry. This success story emphasizes our mission at 28k – to empower our clients with the tools and strategies needed for exceptional digital growth. For businesses seeking similar transformations, explore our SEO services and become our next success story.