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Disinterring the Myths of a Great Site

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Pouring hours of blood, sweat and tears into building a magnificent site is only half the battle in my experience working within the web 2.0 realm. Contrary to this fact, there are still web experts out there who claim that simply having a standalone great site is enough and that it will promote drive itself to the top. In my opinion, this is only a half-truth

Five Simple Tips to Improve Conversions

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Sometimes when online businesses begin to notice a decline in their online conversion rates, before thinking laterally about what the catalyst attributing to the decline may be they delve into a frenzy of panic-driven CRO testing. Before you drown yourself in testing and development changes, perhaps you should take a look at exploring the following steps...

Does Your Website Lead The Search Engine Down The Right Path?

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From a user’s perspective, your website may look clean and polished, but how is it seen in the eyes of the search engine? Settling on a user-friendly design is only half the battle for businesses, the second and perhaps most significant challenge of launching a business on the web is making your website as visible to the search engine as possible.

Creating Effective PPC Landing Pages

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Pay Per Click advertising is in essence, the most raw and direct form of selling available to businesses on the web, however getting a user to your target landing page is half the battle – in order to get your PPC visitors to convert, your landing page needs to work hard to get the numbers. In order to create a landing page that converts for your PPC campaign, you need to be making sure that all of the cogs within your advertising machine are doing their job. For landing pages, there are six essential areas that you should be targeting in order to reverberate the marketing messages in your paid ads.

Customer Reviews: Why They Matter

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Customer reviews are powerful sellers, so it’s understandable that they would be one of the most sought after strategies to online retailers and business owners. Trust is an issue on the web, and customer reviews are a way of filling that void with reassurance – bridging this gap could very well mean the difference in achieving an online conversion, a customer enquiry or a transaction.