Before you begin redesigning your website to attract more visitors, make sure you are asking yourself the right question.

The main question companies are asking themselves is ‘What can I do to my website to get more out of my customers?’ Companies get so caught up in this question that they will often spend a lot of time and money attempting to answer this question with higher rankings, flashy advertising, and hard sells.

The answer to the first question lies in a different question: ‘What do my customers want?’ When you find the answer to this one, the other will follow. Your visitors come to your website expecting certain things, and if you give them what they want, they are more likely to be converted into customers.

So how do you find out what they want? Here’s two suggestions:

  1. Testing. You can find out what works and what doesn’t through scientific tests, taking away the guesswork.
  2. Interaction. Ask them! Use a Blog to dialogue with clients and invite feedback. You never know what you might learn.

The internet is a communication medium first and a distribution channel after. Make sure you give your customers what they want.