There are several factors that will increase landing page conversions, but they all boil down to one thing: reducing visitor anxiety. One of the biggest issues online companies have is being able to convince people of their trustworthiness.

When someone arrives on your landing page, it is too easy for them to leave if they are not happy with what they see. They need to be instantly reassured, and if your page isn’t doing this for them, they’ll be gone with one swift click of the mouse.

Here are some suggestions to lessen your visitor’s landing page anxiety:

  • Keep them moving – make a compelling argument about why they should follow one more link
  • Don’t overwhelm them – remove anything unnecessary that might distract from your primary goal
  • Reassure them – make contact details readily available
  • Give them what they asked for – when arriving from search results, the keyword used to get there should be featured prominently

And, as always, don’t forget to test.

The landing page is crucial to the conversion process. Don’t make it easy for visitors to leave.