When managing your online reputation, make sure you are aware of what you have and what you can use. Your online assets are sites that you have control over – you may have many online assets, and these can be used to help maintain your online reputation.

Online assets include:

  • Your main (company site)
  • Micro sites and Sister sites (other sites from your company)
  • Product sites
  • Blogs – both official business and employee
  • Partner sites
  • Business communications (press releases, articles)

These should be monitored at all times, but they can be used to dominate search engine rankings. If all of these are optimised for search engine rankings, you can effectively push down any search engine results that may be harmful or just something you don’t want to be associated with.

A number of large companies whose reputation was suffering (for example, Walmart in the US), have used this strategy to combat bad press online.

You have spent time, energy and money building your assets. You can use them for even more than you first thought.