Here are some basic tips which should help you keep a ‘big picture’ focus on improving your conversion rates

Remember it does not need to be rocket science…

  • Provide your phone number prominently at every page so customers can talk to a real person. Prospects want to ‘trust’ you and your business – not the website itself.
  • For lead generation sites, keep it simple. Improve conversion rate by asking leads to fill out just the basics (3-4 fields max) and then follow up either personally or virtually as soon as possible. With the Internet speed matters. If a prospect can convert in only three clicks, they more than likely will expect a reply (realistically or not) with the same ease and speed.
  • For e-commerce sites, make sure landing pages are extremely relevant and focused. Every landing page should basically be inviting a prospect to do only one thing. Give the customer information about the product in clear, concise language while continually reassuring them that your company (and web site) is reputable. Don’t make it cumbersome to order, collect only the information you need and keep screens neatly formatted. With 60% shopping cart abandonment the norm, this is an area that should always be monitored for improvement.
  • Don’t distract customers from their goals. Too many testimonials, crowded pages, a lack of a call to action and trying to cross-sell unrelated products distract customers.
  • Make the process shorter. The quicker the customer can achieve their goal while satisfying their need for information, the more will act. The three click rule – still applies.