Spend up on a pay-per-click campaign. Get some great SEO and get to the top of search engine rankings. Access more site visitors than you’ve ever had before, and drive them away with the click of a ‘back button’, never to be seen again.

Here’s how:

1.Make sure the keyword the searchers used to find you is no where to be seen on the page they land on from the search engine results. Promise them specific information, then make it really difficult for them to find it. This is the no.1 most effective technique to make sure your website visitors won’t ever come back – but there’s more:

2. Greet your visitors with huge unwieldy chunks of text with no sub headings, bullet points, spaces or images.

3. People hate those floating ads that hang around in front of the text, and flashing banners, so make sure you put them on every page for maximum annoyance.

4. Use really vague, jargon-loaded copy that doesn’t really explain what you actually do.

5. Don’t give a real name, contact number or address. You don’t actually want them to feel like they can trust you, do you?

6. Have really outdated content about Christmas specials from 2010. People will know you’ve got better things to do than keep them informed.

If you actually like having website visitors who sign up, buy, and come back again, don’t do any of these things.