One billion tweets get sent out each day. Over three hundred million people around the world actively use Twitter, and the social platform continues to expand each month.

Twitter invited us for brekkie to canvas the huge opportunities for companies to reach their clients on the social platform. Here are a few tips:

1. Use Twitter Ads to reach specific goals
Twitter Ads are designed to help you achieve specific objectives, such as increasing traffic to your site or gaining more followers. Simply choose what goal you want to achieve on Twitter.

2. Be strategic with your targeting and bidding
Selecting the right targeting and bidding options is a key success factor in a Twitter ads campaign. For different targeting options, we recommend that SMBs use different kinds of campaigns to make it easy for businesses to optimise their spending on the campaigns ā€” rather than layering targeting within a single campaign.

3. Experiment with different Tweet content and optimise
Develop an editorial calendar and plan your Twitter content ahead of time. Vary your approach to discover what sort of content appeals to your audience. More than 80% of Twitter users are on mobile, so optimise your content to be mobile friendly.

4. Analyse and improve your Twitter activity
Use Twitter Analytics to learn more about your followersā€™ behavior. The Tweet activity dashboard shows you which of your Tweets people are clicking on or Retweeting, and you can gain even more insight from the Followers tab in your analytics dashboard.

5. Make the most of everyday moments
Regular conversations happen everyday ā€” join the conversation by anticipating the peak in activity. Whether it be sleepy users mid-afternoon or mobile users on the platform during peak commuter times, you can work this into your strategy to capitalise on these everyday moments.

If you want to learn more about advertising on Twitter, or how you can make it work for you, please contact us.