One of the most important aspects of inbound marketing is lead generation. Leads can often be nurtured to ultimately convert into sales. In principle, the concept is quite straightforward and comprises of four main components.


To capture the attention of a lead, businesses must make an offer to the consumer that provides some value. The offer can encompass a range of things, from eBooks, tutorials, free consultations, to discounts or other content which may be of interest to the consumer. When coming up with an offer, try to create content that is unique in some way – perhaps it’s a topic that hasn’t really been covered where your business can demonstrate its expertise in, or perhaps you can break down a notoriously tedious topic in small, fun bits. Whatever it may be, it’s important for marketers to place themselves in the position of consumers in establishing an offer.


These are usually buttons, images or text that leads to a landing page where people can access your offer. The text usually reads something like “Download now” or “Free eBook” etc. Call-to-actions should be easy to identify and simple in design. They don’t have to be restricted to your own website either. Various social platforms such as Facebook allow users to create customised call-to-actions that can lead to off-site landing pages. Try to implement them into various aspects of your business’ online presence so that you can reach as many potential leads as possible.

Landing page

A landing page is a special page apart from your other web pages. It contains specialised information specific to your offer and it’s where consumers can download or access that offer. Keep it simple and easy on the eyes. Avoid large chunks of text – your offer should be the focus, so you don’t want much else going on to subtract from it.

Lead capture

Capture leads with simple forms. Email, name, gender, and age range make up a great set of data that is extremely useful on its own. Depending on your offer, be weary of how much you want your customers do disclose. By collecting this information about potential consumers, this is how leads are captured.