Do you feel like you’re getting lots of success selling face-to-face but your website isn’t pulling its weight? You’re not alone. 77% of B2B marketers say their website isn’t that effective in generating sales leads.

Moz is a business that provides resources for search engine optimisation. Their CEO Rand Fishkin felt the same way as many other businesses – he could convert in person but never seemed to have the same success online.

But through landing page and conversion optimisation, Fishkin was able to make his website work for him. Moz talked to their customers about what they liked about the website and tested various website designs with a split test. After the process was complete, there was a 52% increase in sales of Moz’s premier product.

It shows that just having a website isn’t enough to pull in leads for your business and beat your competitors. It needs to be designed in a way that makes visitors feel comfortable on your page. From there, you can guide them to doing what you want – whether it’s filling out contact information or bringing them through to a sale.