The new year is just around the corner and now’s the time to start planning your marketing strategy for 2018. Digital trends are constantly changing, and it’s important that your company keeps up with the latest in inbound marketing.

1. User-generated content

The growing influence of user-generated content is apparent. A new research by Ipsos Media CT has shown that millennials trust and remember user generated content more than traditional media. User generated content such as online customer reviews, testimonials are an effective way for your company to gain the trust of potential consumers. Opportunities also lie in social sharing, where brands can run  giveaway competitions on social platforms to grow their social following organically. Other things you can do is to ask your Facebook and Instagram followers to share pictures of them using your product to increase brand awareness and engagement as well as building your online profile.

2. Mobile isn’t just an ‘option’ for clients to reach you

This has become quite clear in the last year. Google has said that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic in ten countries. This means that having a mobile site as an ‘extra’ or ‘optional’ feature is no longer enough to keep up with your competitors. Arguably, you should invest just as much into mobile optimisation as you do for more traditional methods of marketing.

3. Virtual reality

Virtual reality technologies have become increasingly accessible. There are already hotels and airlines who are utilising VR as part of their marketing strategy. The opportunities to personalise experiences is one of the biggest advantages of utilising virtual reality in your marketing strategy.

4. Getting personal

With the emphasis on personalisation, the need to get personal with your customers is paramount. Social media makes companies more accessible than ever, and expectations have shifted. The playing field has been evened out, and companies are no longer talking at their customers, but rather with them. Personalisation fosters trust and encourages customer loyalty, and should be something that every company should consider incorporating into their marketing strategy.