There’s a lot of moving parts in any marketing machine. But one particularly challenging aspect of keeping the whole thing well-oiled is updating your technology as new possibilities come to light. Here’s what the experts are measuring:


Video is one of the fastest-growing content areas in marketing, as more and more people consume this form of multimedia over social media platforms, through specialist outlets like Instagram and through their mobile device. But it isn’t just important to generate video content – the best marketing teams are measuring every aspect of their video activity, including hit count, engagement, and demographics. Here’s how to track your video metrics.

Last year, LinkedIn’s publishing platform was opened to the public – meaning anybody could post blogs and content for the business world to see. Many companies are positioning their key employees as thought leaders on the LinkedIn platform, and as part of that it’s key to measure the main metrics associated with employee posts.

It’s made relatively easy in that the information is readily available on each post, but it’s wise to keep a big picture view of which posts did well and which didn’t so you can optimise future content for success. There’s also a heap of ways to improve your reach on LinkedIn that can further boost your stats.


Of course, it’s well known that mobile is another of the fastest growing platforms with which people access content and information about businesses and their products and services. But which are the metrics to be watching in this space?

Obviously, tracking users is the clearest metric to watch. By knowing who’s accessing your website and where they’re going, you know which markets your content is reaching, how to optimise for them, and how you might need to change or expand your offering to attract new prospects.

Another mobile metric that’s particularly useful is session length. How long a person spends on your website or app can indicate its usability. If you’re getting a high bounce rate, you know your mobile offering needs tweaking – perhaps by making your website responsive if it isn’t already.