When optimising your website for maximum conversion rates, you need to take into consideration latent conversions; that is, people who convert, but not on the first visit.

Some new data released by leading online market researchers Marketing Sherpa reveals that the average time between a consumer clicking on a commercial website and buying something there is an astounding 34 hours.

This means that people who test conversions by using a simple click-to-convert method need to rethink the way they test. It also means that you need to think about how to hold the interest and stay in the memory of those who click on to your website, but want to think for a few days before they act.

Probably, this long conversion time is because consumers, aware of the wide choices available online, are shopping around before making a decision. You need to think of ways to stand out from the competition and be memorable.

Boost your website visitor’s confidence by promoting your brand-name and trustworthiness, or grab visitor’s email addresses where you can for follow-up.

These are just two ways to convert those website visitors who like to go away and think about it for a while – try to think of your own way to stand out from the crowd for greater conversions and holding power.