You want to know how to make your landing pages perform better, so you might ask: Is there a difference between testing and optimisation? Well, though I usually use the term ‘testing’ when discussing the Taguchi Multivariate method, what is really happening is the process of optimisation.

Testing, traditionally, means a hypothesis, a control subject, and careful analysis of the results. Only one variable from the control subject is used in each test.

Optimisation is about looking at many variables, with many combinations, with the goal of finding the best combination of variables, thus arriving at the ‘optimum’ result.

Sound complicated? It is quite possible, and more effective than simple testing. Taguchi Multivariate ‘testing’ is more a form of optimisation than traditional testing.

Optimisation allows you to come up with combinations you might not even have thought of. Maybe you were considering a long paragraph with no headline against a short paragraph with a big headline, and you then find out that a short paragraph with no headline converts better.

It is not just about individual components, but the way in which these work together in a certain combination to drive conversions. Optimising your landing page will get you the highest conversion rate.