If you’re yet to jump on board the FourSquare bandwagon, you may want to check it out. If you’re looking to add online incentives to your business, then FourSquare is without a doubt the online medium you’ll want to use!

For retail business niches, FourSquare can be used to add a bit of excitement into participating in your online campaigns.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, FourSquare is a location based social media feed, and from it, users can ‘check in’ to destinations around the city – anything from coffee joints, bars to shopping malls and even hospitals – if you can walk through the door, then that place will be listed on FourSquare.

It truly is an ‘in-between’ service that allows users to have a bit of fun as they kill time waiting for their order to arrive, standing in queues or traveling on buses and trains.

Businesses add incentives to the ‘mayor’ of their destination, meaning the person on FourSquare who has checked in the most.

For example, I’ve walked by many coffee places around Sydney that offer half price coffees for the ‘mayor’ of the venue. Not a bad incentive, right? You have the potential to make people hungry and competitive for your goods or services whilst increasing word of mouth about your brand.

Why not give it a try?