There’s a new trend on the rise in search: it’s called microformat data. Despite its technical nature, the roots of this new method of data presentation are anchored heavily in your customer reviews strategy.

Previously, we’ve hinted towards customer review and why they matter. Microformat data is another reason for our persistence in getting this message across!

The reality of the situation is that search engine optimisation is getting geared for user-centric online strategy. As an online business, there will be a growing demand for your website to provide user-generated content, reviews and as much objective content as possible in order to stay ahead of the game.

Just what is microformat data?

Without boring you with the technical jargon, the basic premise of microformat data is that it functions similarly to an ID card on behalf of your website. It provides details about the geographic location of your business and contact information. When search engines crawl your website, they use this identification to apply your website to organic local searches.

How does this tie in with reviews?

There is a lot of suggestive hype at the moment that Google plans to give preferential waiting to search listings puling in reviews – and it makes sense too. Why? Because to have your business reviews visible in the search engine, you need to first enable micro-formats and get the search engine to know that you want inclusion (don’t worry, this is our job!).

On your end however, you need to make sure you’re covering bases with a decent reviews strategy in place for your online business.

If you’re stuck, don’t stress, we can help you!

The moral to the story?

It’s pretty cool stuff, and it has been deemed to have a potential impact on how your website is weighed organically.

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