When was the last time you had a bit of a dig around the web to check out what’s being said about your brand in the public eye? Regardless if you’re running an online business of physical business, no-one is exempt from word-of-mouth on the web. If your branding is important to your organisation, it can’t hurt to get a feel for what’s being said about your business online.

The social web can be a little overwhelming

There’s a lot out there! At times business owners can find this a little bit intimidating as they stare at the search box without any clear objectives in mind…

If you’ve ever wanted to check up on your brand’s reputation, here are a couple of quick tips to give you some insight into some of the activity out there:

  1. When you search for your brand name, head straight to the ‘discussions’ section in Google. This little area of search is a goldmine, because Google is effectively feeding you every social conversation seeded around your brand name. Do a quick scan of the search results, and explore some of the discussion boards and blogs mentioning your business.
  2. If you see something negative out there, don’t bite back. Think about the cause of the negative reaction, and how to address the user politely and formally as a representative of your business.
  3. Thank users spreading the good word – A sincere ‘thank you’ makes your business appear passionate about quality customer service. If you come across a discussion thread or blog mentioning your brand in a positive light, sign-up and join the conversation!

If you would like a bit of an insight as to how your competitors are being received by the greater web, search their brand name and see what comes up.

Troubles with your reputation? Don’t panic!

No business is perfect; there is always the possibility of word-of-mouth on the web not portraying your products or services favourably.
Is this happening to your business? Talk to us, our search marketing team at 28K are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to building a positive brand reputation online.