There are many, many reasons to start a business blog. But before you do, make sure you will do it in a way that will help your company, not hurt it. Be sure that you have the right ideas on what you want the blog to do for your company, and that you are doing everything you can to fulfill these ideas.

Here are some questions that might help you decide whether your company is ready to blog:

  • Do you have a writer or writers to fill up the blog? (this can be anyone in the company with a knack for writing or blogging)
  • Can you make the time to regularly update the blog?
  • Will your information be valuable to the readers?
  • Do you read other industry blogs to see what others are saying?
  • Can you make your blog relevant to your website visitors and compliment your other online content?

If your information is not relevant or useful, it could hurt your corporate image. Likewise, if your blog is not updated regularly it will seem like you don’t care.

Blogs are very useful to almost any kind of organisation. But they must be done right…