Hot off the press, Google has announced a new interface for Google Images creating a vast, dynamic scroll-navigation that lets the user effortlessly peruse all image previews, without even having to turn a single page.

Despite the aesthetic changes to Google Images, is the functionality actually different?

There’s now a nice, densely tiled layout and instant scrolling

In our opinion, this has made the image search much more user friendly because you can now effortlessly scroll to the very bottom, hit a single call to action button and be bombarded by more image results.

Feeling lazy? There’s even page up/page down keyboard shortcuts to make life easier!

How you view images

The image preview thumbnails on the image search results are a lot more dynamic, enlarging the preview when you hover your cursor over the top. This is truly awesome news for modern browsers and high resolution screens.

Remember the ugly pane at the top of your browser depicting another image preview when you opened up the image source?

Well, they’ve rendered this obsolete with the new design – images can now be viewed in context at their full size which is simply amazing.

Play around with the colours!

This might be a couple of months old now, but the colour sorting never ceases to amaze me and looks even more fantastic with the new interface. How did they do it?

Here’s what Google have to say about their Images technology:

“It takes some heavy-duty algorithmic wizardry and processing power for a search engine to understand what the items of interest are in all the images out there.”

Of course it does, Google.