With mobile technology evolving at a staggering rate it’s understandable that the likes of Google want their search services to appeal to mobile users. So what does mobile search mean for website owners?

Mobile search refers simply to a query entered into a search engine (such as Google or Yahoo) via a mobile device – your iPhone, Samsung or any smart mobile phone for example.

If you are responsible for a website then the ever increasing number of mobile search users directly affects you. If your website (or a mobile targeted version) is not meeting the needs and expectations of mobile users then your days may well be numbered.

Right now most website owners are still sitting back and turning a blind eye to the mobile website revolution. It’s easier to do nothing and settle for the status quo. If you can sleep at night with that approach then you are a stronger person than me! Personally, I think it’s crucial to get ahead of the game wherever possible; mobile search matters now.

While mobile devices are not going to kill the internet as we know it (yet) they are changing the way many people use the web. Since you are reading this it’s likely you have already envisaged this change yourself and are thinking about how best to respond.

We are too.

We’ve been paying close attention to this emerging area of search engine optimisation and are already testing a number of theories that we have developed on optimising mobile websites. At present mobile search results reflect web search results. However as more website owners begin to offer a mobile version it is almost certain that search results will begin to differ. Local search optimisation will then truly be the new SEO battleground.