Visitors each month. Page views per day. Downloads this second. Click through rates.

Web analytics are fascinating. Particularly when it comes to thinking about a communication channel like a website, which can sometimes feel so one-way. Much like a cast of actors trying to peer beyond the bright lights of a stage.

Oh, there is an audience out there. And they’re looking at us.

But once you’re over the relief that your page views are increasing or almost 2000 people have clicked through to read about your newest service, where do you go? And how do you report back to your CEO in a way that makes the spend on that new microsite make sense?

There’s no doubt that your online activity is impacting your bottom line. Assigning a dollar value to the impact begins with the right web analytics.

The right analytics for you starts with a conversation about your business goals. That’s how your website is intrinsically linked to your business, and how your web analytics are connected to your bottom line. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you put a dollar value on your digital marketing efforts.