Social Media, the way of the future in regard to the internet, with hundreds of millions of users daily it’s important to take into account the benefits of using it correctly however there are certain unwritten rules and regulations whilst you’re using the Web 2.0. Firstly don’t be a bully, you will anger the community your trying to be part of and there can be a negative backlash which is exactly what you don’t want happening, Hasbro’s attempt to bully the creators of the highly successful Scrabulous on Facebook is one such example. Being boring is a another don’t, by writing articles that a boring and slow you’re not doing yourself any favours and you are just wasting peoples time. Don’t spam your audience and show them some courtesy, just because you can’t see them face to face doesn’t mean you can be rude or aloof treat them as though they are standing there right in front of you this co-incides with ‘Don’t Spam’ because if you start spamming your fans they will probably get annoyed and lose interest.