95% of enterprise marketers use content marketing and its use is still on the rise (CMI, Curata). But why does content reign supreme? It’s because content drives your entire digital marketing strategy.

Making your page visible (through search engine optimisation) or distributing it successfully (through email marketing) won’t come to anything if there’s nothing compelling for potential customers to look at! Customers might come to your page, but they won’t become leads or convert to your goals. Your content needs to be both smartly structured to make SEO work and thoughtful and relevant to make people engaged with your website and interested in what you have to offer.

Strong content also helps your online presence and reputation. If you strive to post knowledgeable, useful information on topics relevant to your business you can become an authority in that area. When people have a question or want to buy from someone they can trust, they turn to a credible figure (like the one you can become with engaging content).

Finally, take a look at your Facebook or LinkedIn feed. What is it that people are sharing among colleagues or sending to friends? In almost all cases, it’s content. For the best content creators come the biggest rewards – blogs or videos that work for them when they’re shared in a community, or seen as a source of useful  or entertaining information that people will return to time and again.