Have you considered a Facebook fan page for your company or site?, if not maybe you should. Facebook Fan Pages are a great way of marketing your product to potential customers and clients and it also gives ‘Fans’ of your product a place to meet and discuss much like a forum. These Fan pages are a place where users can post pictures, relevant to your product as well so input by the creator can be minimal if the page is properly maintained. In creating a fan page it also opens up the ability to create Facebook targetted advertising which i snaother useful function as you can target people based on their interests. Facebook also provides a free Analytics tool similar to the one provided by Google however it is free, this tool known as ‘Insights’ is a great tool for analyzing the amount of traffic to your fan page. It is important to monitor the growth of the Fan Page and what is being said on it as ‘Flaming’ and derogatory remarks can be posted there, however by creating/adding administrators you are able to avoid the problems associated with this.