So you’ve successfully kicked off your social media campaign, your social profiles looks flawless and you’re beginning to calibrate a nice social media network. But are these profiles ranking well? If not, here are some tricks of the trade to help make your social profiles SEO friendly:

1.    Every time you make a new post, ensure that it is available at a unique location

2.    Titles and Headers – These should include target keywords most relevant to the content of your post. Aim to move the keywords to the front of the title to increase search engine visibility.

3.    If possible, aim to include keywords in the URL – Normally, the social blogging site will nominate a post URL based on the post title. IF you’ve already optimized the post title, then you’re already set.

4.    Include keyword hyperlinks within the content of your post, but ensure these are relevant and direct the user to the relevant landing page. Remember that Google values relevance, so if your link is in the right context and links to the right page, it will receive a higher value.

5.    Link back to your previous blog posts and social profiles when posting if applicable. Adding external links to previous posts only increase their link authority, and in turn will contribute to your ranking for a certain keyword.

6.    Sites such as, allow the free customization of certain HTML elements – make sure you play around with the settings of your social blogs and profiles to ensure that you are utilizing 100% of any added SEO value on offer. If you’re using Tumblr, then check to see if your page is using real HTML elements – for example some themes use <n1> and <n2> as headers. Go through and change the use of these tags if applicable, as there are certain HTML elements that receive higher authority to their counterparts.

7.    Lastly, ensure the content is engaging! Remembering the an alluring blog is key to receiving quality leads and more click-throughs.