Using SEO to Boost Leads

Generally speaking, all marketers will have a fundamental, long-term SEO strategy. Of course, online marketing and user behaviour changes constantly and marketers are often required to shift their approach to adapt to these changes. The long-term strategy is still there, it’s just fluid and malleable. But if everyone has a long-term marketing strategy, how can you do yours better than the rest? The solution isn’t always straightforward, but there are ways improve SEO traffic to generate leads. Most of this will come down to smart planning and attention to detail.

The road less travelled

To stand out from the pack, you will need to have quite a comprehensive understanding of not only your own marketing strategy, but your competitor’s. How are they getting their search rankings? What keywords and combinations are they using? How are they using other channels (blogs, social media etc.) to draw extra attention to their content? Identifying the method of your competitors is extremely beneficial – not only do you get an understanding of what is working or not working for them, but this can also become the basis for your own strategy. If you find that many of your competitors have executed more or less the same strategy, maybe it’s time to consider branching out a little and look at the alternative SEO routes to lead customers to your business. This doesn’t necessarily mean straying dramatically from what you already have, but rather finding additional, new paths to bolster your SEO approach.

Quality content

Keywords are essential to your SEO strategy, but it’s important to remember not to get carried away. Having better content is far more effective than having frequent content stuffed with keywords. Every once in a while, work on something that is not only valuable, but inimitable. This may require perhaps more resources than your usual blog or webinar, but it’s worth the investment. When you’re proving such valuable content to readers, you’re not only placing yourself in a good position to receive their business, but you also establish your company as an authoritative leader in the industry.

Don’t forget the snippets!

An oft-neglected aspect of SEO is the little snippets that come up in search rankings. Attention to detail is what will get you over the edge – pay attention to headlines, URLs, meta descriptions. Use all the avenues available to you to maximise SEO traffic.