When you next catch public transport, take a look around at what most people are doing. Sure, some might be talking to friends or reading a book, but we’ll bet a majority of passengers will be browsing their phone or tablet.

Though mobile use exploded in 2008, many didn’t think people would use their phone to access information about businesses and services. And that’s in fact been the case – until recently.

If you’re not in the mobile marketing space, then you’re missing out on these potential customers who are browsing for business in ever-increasing numbers. What’s more, people searching business on their mobile take action based on the information they find at a higher rate to when they use a computer – up to 88 per cent.

Think about taking advantage of the explosion of apps, too. Smartphone users spend 87 per cent of their mobile time on apps (Nielsen). That’s another potential market to sell to, and the advantage of an app is that you can integrate both information and sales into a single package for people to download.