It’s not hard to see the relevance of mobile when you look at the statistics.

At the recent technology gathering SES London, Google’s managing director for performance solutions and innovation, Ian Carrington, broke down the growth of mobile. Radio and television took around 70 years to reach one billion users. Computers took 32 years.

But smartphones? Just five years.

“I see a lot of companies failing on mobile, not measuring it and not attributing it,” Carrington said. “If you’re not doing that correctly, you’re going to fall on your face like a lot of companies did with desktop in the ’90s.”

Make no mistake, Google believes the future is in mobile and is manipulating the way its searches work to ensure your business website is mobile-optimised. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve been been modifying best practice to ensure we stay across all the latest developments in mobile marketing.

This means that websites that aren’t optimised for mobile appear further down a search engine results page than those that are. This occurred as of November 2014, when Google officially debuted “mobile-friendly” search tags.

Notifications have also been sent to some webmasters by Google alerting them to significant problems with their site’s mobile accessibility.

And though Google is pushing mobile hard, this shouldn’t be seen as a negative for your business. We know that the data shows mobile’s user base is growing exponentially, and people aren’t just using their mobiles for leisure – they’re actively seeking out business now, too.

  • At least 38 per cent of B2B buyers use mobile to look up business content.
  • 88 per cent of people searching business on their mobile take some sort of action – far more than on PC.
  • Mobile is being used around the home, not just on the go.
  • Mobile use is part of a chain of actions that can lead to sale.

As a digital marketing agency with a depth of mobile experience, we can help you optimise your website for mobile, create great mobile content, and even build apps. Contact us today.