In a world where search engines and potential clients demand recent expert  information, timely content marketing is crucial to the success of a business. The biggest challenge can be the consistent dissemination of messages across variable digital channels. However it is key this activity is planned and managed effectively to reach potential buyers in their preferred environment and build a positive online brand personality. Every word, image or piece of multimedia associated with a brand can strengthen values and brand perceptions. On the flip side, poorly executed content marketing has the potential to lose sales and frustrate visitors.

Few purchasing decisions are made without online research these days. Current, easy to read content with a clear call to action on each product or service available gives the user confidence in your organisation. Presenting this information in well formatted pages demonstrates that your organisation is professional and operates in a professional manner.

Online elements are used as signals by the visitor to help them form a view of an organisation and decides their willingness to participate with a provider. Build trust up front with relevant useful content that potential customers won’t filter out and will return to interact with again and again.

What’s your biggest content marketing challenge?