Successful inbound marketers all have a select few tricks up their sleeves to make their jobs a little bit easier. Many of the tools available to marketers are either free or easily accessible. Here are a few of the industry favourites:

Google Drive

Every content manager should be familiar with some form of document sharing application. Google Drive helps you create a no-mess, paper free environment, and it’s free. You can store all your documents, briefings, presentations etc. and personalise the access and sharing mechanisms. Google Drive is highly customisable and extremely easy to use. You can search for documents, integrate Google Drive with your other Google products and encourage a more collaborative process.

Google Ads: Keyword Planner

This is an incredibly useful tool to use especially if you find the process of finding the right keywords a laborious process. With this tool, you can search for new keywords and ad group ideas, and even check the statistics of past keywords. Having the right keywords will bring your SEO up to scratch.


HubSpot has an extremely wide range of products available to help marketers get the most out of their campaigns. There are tools to help you with content management, landing pages, email distribution, analytics  and much, much more. All the software an inbound marketer would need is available in one place.

Google Analytics

Google really has a suite of great products for online marketers. Some kind of analytical software is essential to every online marketer’s tool box. It’s important to track the performance of your content so that you will know how to improve the material you publish and stay relevant to consumers. Google Analytics is versatile, simple to use and free.