It’s incredibly important for businesses to focus on their B2B lead generation campaign. This is because the kinds of leads generated are high-quality leads critical to a business’ success. There’s no a step-by-step guide when it comes to B2B marketing, but the real essential element is consistent effort. Here are 3 best practices when it comes to generating high-quality leads with B2B marketing:

They ask, you give

Creating consistent content to drive traffic and engage readers can be tough. How do you fill a content calendar with valuable posts that readers will actually care about? Give them what they want! Think about the conversations that you often have with businesses who first approach you – what are their queries? What problems are they experiencing? What sort of solutions can you provide? If you need more inspiration, another great idea is looking through your email inbox. Here you’ll be able to find the types of questions that prospective and current clients are looking to have answered. You can then turn your answers into valuable content – whether it’s a blog or an eBook.

Use social media

Facebook and Instagram are great tools to broadcast your offers, but they’re not always the first place that businesses will turn to when it comes to looking for answers. LinkedIn, on the other hand has industry-specific groups where many prospective clients post queries, as well as answer questions of their own. Use your expertise to help others in the network, and build relationships with your peers. As well as giving you the opportunities to offer your business as a solution, these groups can also give you an insight into the operations of your competitors. Out of the five major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, LinkedIn is rated as the most effective for generating B2B leads.

Create targeted customer profiles

Make diverse profiles for people at various levels of a business who may be interested in your services. Create profiles for the executive or decision makers as well as a range of other people such as consultants who are helping these businesses find solutions. A targeted approach helps you attract high quality leads that are easier to convert.