You’ve done it – you’ve got the consumer to your landing page. Now what? You’ve already got the perfect landing page which shines the spotlight on the offer minus all the other distractions of your website. So how do you get them to take the final step by filling out the capture form, formally accepting the offer?

Stick to the basics

The fewer the fields that are required to be filled out, the more likely it is you will capture more leads. Consumers don’t want to feel like they have to work to accept your offer. Although it may not appear to take much effort, there is also the added concern that with each new field, it appears to the consumer that they are compromising more of their personal details. The best way to do this is to keep it to the basics – first name, last name and email.

Don’t submit

You will often see many capture forms ending with a ‘Submit’ button. However, when you give this default ‘Submit’ button some thought, you might conclude that a person may not necessarily find the idea of ‘submitting’ particularly enticing. Instead, try to remind customers of the benefit they are receiving by completing the capture form and accepting your offer. Think positive statements such as “Get your free eBook”, or “Join our newsletter.” You may also want to consider doing away with the grey default ‘Submit’ buttons and choose something bolder instead. Make sure it suits your website’s aesthetic, while also standing out.

Put security fears to rest

With many everyday transactions being carried out online, cyber crime has seen a steady rise. This is why many consumers are so reluctant to give away any personal information. Aside from keeping capture form fields simple, it’s also a great idea to add security seals and certifications to your landing page. This is to let the potential lead know that their information is safe with you. Another element you can add is to provide a link to your business’ privacy policy which will assure consumers that their information will not be shared or sold to any third parties.