Many companies use very similar tactics when it comes to lead generation. As a small business, it’s hard not to follow digital trends for fear of missing out. But to strengthen your lead generation strategy, you also need to think outside the box for more creative, and unconventional ways to generate leads.

Live chat

Online retailers have done very well in this respect. Often, customers who have just identified they need a problem solved will do some research into the options available. The search results will often produce unfamiliar websites. As you will often find when you’re first researching a product, many questions may arise that the FAQ may not necessarily provide the answer to. And this is when a human touch is very much needed ­–because these are usually the questions that require a more nuanced answer. This way, you can also help the customers resolve their query sooner and speed up the whole buying process.

Keep the chat box subtle and unobtrusive. Make sure that it’s collapsible as well so customers can continue browsing unhindered – they have the option to expand the chat box when they need a question answered.




Customer referral program

Who is a better ambassador than a happy customer? Give existing customers an even bigger incentive to stay loyal by offering rewards for referrals. Uber has a very similar program in place for existing users who invite new users to download the app. This methods is simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Partner up

Pool your resources with another business whose goals are compatible with your business’. Cross-promotion is great for introducing your brand to untapped markets and consumers. You may even consider creating an offer for customers who employ the services of both businesses.

Another way you can partner is by becoming a guest blogger on a popular industry site. Position yourself as a leader in the sector and write articles that are relevant, engaging and informative. Make sure that you’re blogging for a well-trusted source site that is respected by the audience that you want to reach, and make sure that company’s mission statement aligns with your own business’.