When it comes to content or inbound marketing, the main focus seems to be directed at website landing pages, emails and occasionally social media. But these aren’t the only channels available to content marketers. Here are 4 content ideas that are alternative ways to boost your website’s visibility.


This seems incredibly obvious, but blogs do add content to your website that will help you increase visibility organically. Businesses that blog regularly receive 55 per cent more visitors and create up to 88 per cent more leads a month.  A blog is also a great place to expand on ideas, write about your product and services and create authoritative content to keep your audience informed and entertained. Because you don’t want big chunks of unappealing text on your website, blogs are a great place to flesh out more complex topics.


Having a ‘frequently asked questions’ page is a valuable resource for audience members with queries about certain products and services. A great way to provide useful information to potential customers is to look at their search keywords. For example, if you’re an online retailer, users will typically be looking for information regarding sizing, shipping, deliveries, taxes etc. Link to this page where relevant.

Case studies

Similar to customer testimonials, these follow the ‘success stories’ of those who have used your products or engaged your business’ services. A great way to utilise these is to put condensed or summarised versions on your product pages that link to the full article. User-generated content has been proven to be an effective way to increase conversions.


Long form blogs or articles have a defined place in content marketing, but shorter, lighter pieces also have their worth. Online users love lists, and these straightforward, digestible bits of information are a great way to engage with new customers. One important thing to remember is that these lists should be somehow related to your products or services. For example if you are a travel agency you may create an article entitled, ‘The Top 10 Destinations to Visit in 2016’, or if you’re a beauty retailer, ‘The Top Five beauty Trends From the Paris Runways’. Keep them relevant, and keep them light.