Landing pages, generally, should have one conversion goal, and this is the one to test for. Sometimes, however, it can be considered wise to have different goals for different kinds of visitors.

You are likely to have prospects ‘land’ at several different stages of the buying process. Someone who is having a browse for some background information is unlikely to fill in the kinds of forms that someone already committed to a purchase might be willing to.

For example, you could offer the option to sign up for for a short newsletter in exchange for only an email address, or a detailed white paper in exchange for more personal information. But can you optimise for both at the same time?

You can put both options on the same landing page, but you need to decide how you count conversions. Either measure them seperately or lump them together – decide which works best for you.

The other option is to construct a two-stage process, whereby, when someone signs up for the first offer, they can then choose whether or not to go further with the next one. This can work well, because they have already given you some of their information, and are more likely to feel comfortable about giving you more.

Of course, you may need to do some tests to decide which offer to put first and which second…