When launching a new website there’s some basic steps to take, to make sure that Google will be happy as well your fellow browsers.

Keeping it simple and easy to read is the first one of these steps. Make sure that the site is well structured and contains information that is relevant. It’s not worth jam packing your site with useless information – if it’s consistently relevant and correct users will probably come back.

Make sure you finish the site before launching it. Having a site with a ‘Contact Us’ page that contains no details is useless and sometimes frustrating for a user, so before you launch it make sure everything is there.

Making it easy to find online is also a good idea. Google provides free business listings and that’s a good place to start. Becoming certified at Google Ads certainly helps as well – otherwise you can employ a firm of marketers to help you out.

Once your site is up and running it’s important to keep trying new things with it as well. A site that continually stays the same wont be as successful as one that changes to suit the needs of its customers.