Automated marketing is hugely beneficial for all businesses. It helps companies maintain relationships with leads and clients at a relatively low cost and allows companies to redirect their resources and attention to other aspects of marketing.

Focus on content marketing has made marketing automation somewhat ubiquitous although there are still some common misconceptions about it. One of the most commonly held beliefs is that automated marketing is restricted to email marketing. However, this isn’t correct at all – in fact, marketing automation can be used in relation to social media, management activities, landing pages and lead generation activities.

Perhaps it doesn’t come down to a misconception, but rather a lack of resources. In-house marketers may not have the time at their disposal to fully take advantage of the automated marketing software’s full capabilities. As a result the potential that automation offers to marketers is largely left untapped.

Marketing automation can generate, maintain and nurture leads. With the help of customer profiles and content maps, businesses can use automated software to get the right content to the right consumers. One of the capabilities of automated marketing systems is its ability personalise. This aspect is often neglected or forgotten about, even though its impact can be substantial. Personalising content to specific customer profiles represents a more nuanced and smarter approach to content marketing. A targeted approach shows customers that your business is interested in them as an individual and makes them feel valued. Having automated systems to touch base with customers, follow up after purchases or inquiries will make your business stand out from the rest.


Ultimately, the key is the quality of your content. Automating bad, boring or spammy content won’t improve your business. Your inbound marketing strategy should be holistic and integrated, and the automated marketing of your business should be consistent. Make sure that the content of your automated workflow is a good reflection of the quality and reputation of your company.