Not all calls-to-action are created equal and there are some that are more effective than others. CTAs that work often have a few common characteristics which make them stand out to potential consumers. Here’s how to make the most of your CTA to capture those leads:

Visual impact

Firstly, make sure your CTA can be seen. Take your landing page for example – the CTA is most effective if it is placed where the eye can see without scrolling. This is called placing the CTA ‘above the fold.’ Try and be mindful of the different devices that users will be using to access the page. As we know, mobile searches have grown exponentially, and it is incredibly important to cater to one of the biggest groups of web searchers.

Aside from being obvious to the eye, CTAs should also be visually impactful aesthetically. Make sure that the CTA button doesn’t blend into site pages. Use contrasting colours to make it stand out. While it should still be consistent and blend seamlessly with the rest of your website or email, it should still be easily identifiable as something clickable.

Be clear

When creating CTAs, keep it simple but specific. Keep it action-oriented with CTAs such as “Download our FREE guide to X”, “Register  for our FREE webinar”. More importantly, view the CTA from a consumer’s perspective – is it clear enough what the consumer will get from clicking on the CTA? This is usually a great indication of the impact of the CTA word choice.

Create a dedicated landing page

It is a little extra work, but creating dedicated landing pages gives businesses extra opportunities to interact with potential consumers. For example, businesses can capture the basic information of those who are accepting their offer or clicking on the CTA. With email capture, businesses can nurture these leads at a later date.


CTAs aren’t restricted to blogs, landing pages or emails. Businesses who want their offer to reach as wide an audience as possible will often place their CTAs wherever they have an online presence. This includes social media profiles as well. What’s important is that the CTAs are consistent and where possible, the same. This is so that they can be easily identifiable. While some platforms may require CTAs to conform to their specifications (such as Facebook CTAs), try to keep it as uniform as possible.