If your business website can be perceived as your virtual headquarters, consider asking yourself “How should it perform?” or “What should you expect it do?”

Most people would agree that it should be optimised for the job you are there to do. You don’t hang out at the office for fun, do you?

Well, don’t expect your website visitors to be there for a good time either.

The best way to get success from your website is to optimise for, and only for, the job you want it to do.

This should align with what your clients expect – you’re in trouble if your objectives don’t have anything to do with meeting your client’s.

Too many companies want their website to be a destination. They get hung up on fun things like videos, graphics and downloads that aren’t specifically relevant to their business objectives. They fall in love with their website and don’t want to hear that visitors might not care about the kind of thing that impresses only the most ardent technology users.

Perhaps they are too used to controlling the way they communicate to the masses. The web these days is about interactive communication; you can’t tell people what they do and don’t want.

Try to find out specifically what visitors want when they come to your website. Give them what they are looking for,and don’t inundate them with things they don’t want or need, and you will increase conversions.

How do you do this? Simple.

TEST.. 🙂