In 2001 Wikipedia emerged on the internet and was quick to show the effectiveness of collaborative content online, since 2001 many sites have developed their own Wiki’s which in turn have been useful tools to their site, yet not all companies are maximizing the potential of their Wiki’s. Here are some examples on how you can use your Wiki page more effectively;

Wiki can be used for project management as it is an ideal tool for centralizing information in regard to your business, you can organize everything into one place whilst reducing reliance on email communcation and documents that could get lost in transmission. You can also inform everyone as to how projects are coming along which flows into Customer and Client Collaboration. Using Wiki to communicate the progress of work can be useful for clients as it is an easy to access and use system that also means that the client can communicate with you in regard to the work. You can post an image on Wiki that your client can then in turn view and in return leave you feedback ie it’s too red.

Wiki also allows for online communities to form based around a product as fans analyze the item from every possible angle and give their input in the user enabled editing of the page, it means that the best information on the product will be available for all to see, but this ability to publicly edit the work has to be monitored due to users being able to edit the text if given permission. Creating an online FAQ for your company is also another possibility in using Wiki effectively, instead of making a complex manual you can create a page with the most commonly asked questions and the answers you have for them.