Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard; allowing users to create ‘boards’ on which they can ‘pin’ images and stories, and ‘re-pin’ the content of others. For businesses, this can have a very large potential for beautiful and simple social media campaigns, as it is a very fast growing and effective digital medium for sharing your brand and products.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in history.

Pinterest’s Demographics:

  • 80% of users are female
  • Almost 80% of users are between 25 and 54
  • 60% of users have some college education, and 19% have a Bachelors degree
  • 70% of users have an “average” salary of 25K-75K
  • Users are predominately interested in crafts, gifts, hobbies, fashion, design and food

Pinterest actively discourages people advertising to markets outside this niche; preferring to focus on high quality and targeted content. This makes it ideal for introducing very specific products and services to new markets.

How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business:

Pinterest is a very strong tool for targeted marketing. Whilst it has clearly defined niche market, it also integrated strongly with Facebook and Twitter, making it an easy way to share products and information across these networks. It is also completely free and requires minimal training to use. Some further benefits include:

  • Increased search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Reach new markets.
  • Spread brand and product awareness.
  • Easily integrated into current websites and social media campaigns.
  • Allows others to easily share information on your brand, products or services.