In 2019, social media has emerged as one of the most imperative marketing mediums available to any business seeking to develop a successful marketing campaign online.

In amongst the re-shaping of the world of Web 2.0, we are in fact witnessing the evolution of a new kind of relationship between businesses and consumers. Large corporations are exploring these new avenues as a means of enhancing their customer experience and generating customer loyalty by offering a genuine response to meet their needs, and this puts the power in the consumer’s hands. But what are the real benefits of social media?

Social Media, when integrated effectively, can pay some serious dividends.

Within the marketing realm, brand name is everything, and what better way to promote your brand than to advertise through online social networks used by billions of people globally? But we do ask you, when considering a social media campaign, there are a few things you should ask yourself:

  • Will it entice your target market online? – Not every company is born to have visually stunning and engaging content to work with. So you need to consider whether or not the mainstream avenues of social media, with younger demographics, are applicable to the goods or services relevant to your business. We call this ‘common sense marketing’ – after all, you’re hardly going to promote retirement funds and superannuation plans to a social site comprised primarily of users under the age of 25!
  • What will it do for your brand name? – When embracing social media, it is of utmost importance that you are always thinking about the effect of your actions online that can either positively or negatively impact upon your brand name. You need to be aware of the cause and effect of certain actions when interacting with users in the online world. Creating a positive image for your brand name online can create some valuable leads, and will increase rapport amongst your online customers.
  • Can you meet the demands of your campaign? – A lot of work goes into building up a social following, and the larger and more successful your social media campaign becomes, the higher the demand required of you. Scope out the time and resources required based on the scale of the social media campaign you want to launch, and always over-estimate the scale of the campaign to ensure future viability.