The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for both consumers and businesses. Here are some tips to spread that holiday cheer with your inbound marketing strategy.

Have a plan

First things first, you should have content planned out well in advance so you don’t get overwhelmed by the holiday rush. Plan your content around the holiday season – for example, if your company has a Pinterest account, you can do a board called “Christmas gift ideas” featuring your products.

Send a greeting

Say hi to your subscribers – a Christmas greeting serves as a way of both touching base with your customers and is also a great opportunity for you to tell them the special offers, discounts and competitions that are currently going on.

Social Media

Christmas time is a great opportunity to engage with your clients and customers on social media. Find engaging graphics (consumers love these!) and ask them questions where they can comment and participate in the conversation.

Optimise your keywords

Don’t overlook the keywords when it comes to holiday content. Think about what the consumers are now searching for – consider everything from gifts to recipes, DIY decorations. Optimise your existing keywords to make sure that they work with the Christmas ones.

Run a Christmas giveaway campaign

This is a great way to increase the visibility of your brand. Running an effective giveaway or competition can give your brand a significant boost. Use social media hashtags to track entries and followers. Getting users to like and share a post to win is an effective way of getting the consumers’ attention.

Run a paid ad campaign

This is the time to consider running a paid social media campaign. This can be for a giveaway that your company is doing, or special Christmas time officers for your products and services. This is also an effective and measurable way of increasing visibility and exposing your brand to more potential customers.

Pay attention to holiday hashtags

What’s trending right now? Contribute to the conversations on social media and stay relevant!