Social media campaigns are cost-efficient and easy to manage and monitor. There’s a certain formula to success when it comes to these campaigns, and it all comes down to strategising and connecting with your audience. Here are 6 tips that will help you orchestrate the perfect social media campaign.

Have a strategy

Try and set out the goals you hope to achieve with the campaign. Are you looking to grow your social following, increase blog traffic, or to move your products off the shelves? Once you can identify what it is you hope to achieve, you’ll be able to plan out a more focussed campaign. Other factors to consider when planning a strategy is to plan effectively around special events – for example, tying a campaign around the release of a highly-anticipated film, doing a giveaway for Mother’s Day or promoting new discounts to mark the start of summer. Be creative and be relevant.

Connect on a human level

The ability to evoke emotion marks a powerful campaign. Successful marketing campaigns have to be likeable, thought-provoking or provide some value to the consumer. This is why it’s so important to be human. Are your posts full of jargon or are they conversational? Do you reply to social media posts from your followers or is it just a one-sided conversation? Participate in the conversation and interact with your followers so you can find out more about them and build customer profiles.

Follow your customers

Successful companies generally show an interest in their customers and indicate a willingness to engage with them on a more personal level. This can help you build your social media profiles, which of course, will encourage participation amongst your followers when it comes to social media campaigns. Let your customers know you’re on social media – this isn’t restricted to social media stamps on your blog pages but also Facebook and Twitter logos on your business cards, menus, brochures etc.

Use social media tools

There are plenty of tools that are available to marketers to help them execute and monitor the success of social media campaigns. Inbound marketing software platforms such as HubSpot allows you to run and keep track of multiple campaigns and measure their success. You can also create automated workflows to improve efficiency and maintain consistency within your work.

Bolster your campaign

Give your social media campaign that extra boost by using other tools to supplement the campaign. This can mean telling your customers in store about a competition you’re running on Facebook, buying social media ads or partnering up with a spokesperson to cross-promote.

Touch base

With each social media campaign, you should be keeping track of all the users who engaged with or participated in your campaign. Create a database of these users so you can keep in touch with your new contacts. You can use an automated workflow system to set up emails that can help you follow up with consumers. This will help encourage customer loyalty and help your business maintain and nurture its leads.