Creating an editorial calendar is relatively straightforward. What’s more difficult is creating nuanced content that is well-timed and valuable in some way – whether it is fun, engaging or helpful. Inbound marketing isn’t just about pumping out content, it’s about the implementation of a long term content strategy that is effective and enduring.

Engage different platforms to support your campaign

You’ve just written a great blog and published it on your website… now what? Don’t sit tight; let your social media followers know that you have this great new article available to read. Write simple, snappy call to actions that will get the attention of readers and lead them to your website.

Get to know your buying personas and the demographics of the different publishing platforms and tailor your content to these groups.

Align your campaigns with national holidays and events

Get creative with your social media posts. Take advantage of national holidays by linking your product and services to holidays such as Christmas, Halloween or the Queen’s Birthday. How can you link your Mother’s Day or New Years back to your business? These ‘themed’ posts are particularly effective because they are timely and relevant.

Don’t forget SEO

Make sure the content you create is aligned with your SEO strategy so it can reach a larger audience. Don’t forget to use keywords to attract readers to your articles, eBooks and videos. You can make this easier by creating fantastic content that is highly likable and shareable. Great content goes a long way because it allows third parties to help build your SEO. If you’ve made a video that is hilarious, written a blog that is incredibly informative, users will undoubtedly want to share it and link back to your pages. These linkbacks will make your SEO thrive.

Look for opportunities to repurpose content

If you’re in a specialised industry and a report has recently been released, you can learn to repurpose this content. It’s timely, relevant, and most likely – quite dense. Create something valuable from these reports by breaking down the information in little nuggets to help readers understand the various aspects and outcomes of research pieces. These reports can easily fill your editorial calendar because they can generate several weeks’ worth of blog posts.