One of the biggest challenges that inbound marketers face is getting people to engage with content. You’re producing great blogs, podcasts and videos – but is it reaching the people you want it to reach? When you have great products and great ideas that you want to share, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of it all and create content that doesn’t resonate with your audience as much as you would like it to. You don’t want your blogs to be just another link on a newsfeed that goes largely unnoticed. Here are five easy ways to boost engagement.

“Tell us what you think”

Invite viewers and web browsers to participate and contribute to the conversation. You can put a simple, ‘Leave a comment’, or ‘Tell us what you think’ at the end of your articles or social media posts to get people engaging with your content. This will also help improve the visibility of your content organically.

Guest bloggers

Guest bloggers, industry leaders and other experts are a great way to increase engagement with your content. A great example of this is a fashion retailer commissioning a well-known blogger to write regular articles containing style tips, beauty trends and other related content for the company’s website or blog. Having a well-known public figure contribute to your website not only increases credibility, but also introduces that person’s following to your business.

Pose a question

One of the most effective ways to capture a reader’s attention is to pose a question, usually in the headline. For example, a digital agency might write an article entitled, ‘What are the benefits of content marketing?’ Asking a question invites the reader to think about the answer, and more often than not, if they’re not entirely sure of the answer themselves, they’ll click through to your article.

Use visuals

Effective content marketing will contain visuals. Whether they are photos, videos or gifs, users have been found to engage more with content that contains visuals. They are especially helpful in terms of breaking up big blocks of text acting as supplementary material to the text itself.

Stay relevant

It’s important that you create content that is timely and newsworthy. Pay attention to holidays, big sporting events or even news stories.