Why local SEO matters

Your SEO approach should be holistic, but there’s an emerging branch that is particularly beneficial to businesses – local SEO. Local and independent businesses stand to gain the most from this shift in focus. Here’s why:

Mobile users

Searches are increasingly local-oriented or executed with a local intent. Up to 50% of users are looking for local businesses when they conduct searches on their mobiles. Most mobile users have location services switched on so that general queries will automatically yield local results. Naturally, this also means that these particular searches also boast higher conversion rates – about one fifth of local searches will lead to purchases.

Targeted traffic

Another advantage of utilising local SEO is that you’re pitching to an interested market. A significant part of local intent is the tendency to follow through with purchases. The reason for locality is so the user can easily find businesses that have what they need and make the relevant transactions soon after.

Compete with those who matter

Importantly, local SEO means that you don’t necessarily have to pitch yourself against the big players in rankings.  You have fewer competitors – just those that are around you, giving you an increased chance of ranking further up the search results.

Visibility in your community

What local SEO also does is improve your visibility within your community. A local resident who has had no prior knowledge of your business may be able to find it through local SEO. It is a simple and effective way to reach customers who have more potential at boosting the conversion rate.

Cost efficiency

One of the  most important advantages of local SEO is that It gives your business an advantage in your local area at no added cost. There are ways to take advantage of local SEO without incurring any fees – such as listing your business on Google My Business and Google Maps. The searches are targeted at customers with a pre-existing interest and intent.