There are a number of Search Engine Optimisation Services that an SEO company offers. Not all SEO companies are the same, however, and you need to research your choices carefully. Some services that a company may offer that will indicate they are shady include:

  • Submitting you to thousands of search engines (this won’t do anything to your ranking in major search engines, and submitting to Google is free)
  • Claiming or implying a special relationship with Google that will guarantee you a number 1. No one has this.
  • Offering to help without any clear indication of what they mean by this. Be sure you know where your money is going. An ethical Search Engine Optimization service provider will explain their practices to you.

Some Search Engine Optimisation practices that shady companies provide can actually harm your rankings. These are the companies that have given the whole practice a bad name in some circles. Many companies provide ethical and practical services that will genuinely make your website more visible and accessible for your intended website visitors.