Optimising your search engine results for organic (unpaid) search is possible if you know how to attract links. One way to do this is through optimisation for Social Media.

Social media optimisation is now a relatively delicate process. Traditional link building campaigns often involve blatantly asking for links, or simply buying them. Social media optimisation is only effective if a marketer can convince others to link to material, not by asking, but by creating exceptional content. Links are the best way to build organic search engine optimisation.

Many people’s accounts and profiles on social media websites are intrinsically attached to their offline self. Unlike people who run a website that includes a designated Links page, social media users are not likely to add a company’s profile as a friend or vote for a company’s content just because they’re asked to. The majority of people want their user history on sites like Reddit, and their interactions on Facebook to reflect something about their personalities. This means you have to work pretty hard, particularly if you’re part of an industry that is not particularly socially appealing.

The recipe for social media/ search engine success: learn how to be cool. Or just make sure you give relevant and interesting information.